Elcometer KARA Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps


Elcometer KARA Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps

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Elcometer KARA Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps

The Elcometer KARA pumps are a range of air operated double diaphragm pumps for conventional air spray applications. Engineered to supply high-quality coating materials for wood, plastic, metal or ceramics.

  • Powerful performance
    Elcometer Kara’s high fluid delivery keeps paint homogenous whilst ensuring more than enough pulse-free flow at the nozzle, even with long fluid hoses up to 30m (98.4ft). In fact, with up to 40 litres per minute (10.6gpm) maximum free flow, the Elcometer Kara’s high performance can supply a second spray gun.
  • Durable and hardwearing
    Its rugged stainless steel and aluminium construction ensures the Elcometer Kara has low maintenance and a long service life.
  • Efficient
    With an air consumption of 0.28cfm (2.09gpm) the Elcometer Kara ensures economical compressor running costs.
  • Versatile
    Choice of suction hose or product tank, suitable for spraying solvent or waterborne coatings, primers, fillers, stains and lacquers.
  • Tough heavy duty construction
  • Easy to Replace Parts

Sagola Double Diaphragm Pneumatic Pump Instruction Manual

Kara Double Diaphragm Pumps Key Features

1) Anti-pulse chamber with fluid mesh filter fitted as standard ensures any debris in the paint is filtered before supply to the spray gun

2) Fluid regulator included as standard for consistent control of fluid flow and pressure

3) Up to 40lpm (10.6gpm) ensures high fluid circulation to keep paint homogenous

4) Rugged stainless steel and aluminium pump construction to handle the most common automotive, industrial and marine paints

5) Aerospace grade aluminium change over valve uses metal on metal technology to prevent sticking

6) Air pressure regulator for regulating atomizing air to spray gun

7) Main system air inlet regulator pump regulator up to 7bar

8) Stable footprint of 543 x 527mm

9) Each pump is fitted on to a rugged & ergonomic trolley with built-in hose & gun rack, for easy movement around site.

10) Heavy duty wheels for easy transportation

11) Unbolt the bracket and pump from the trolley to create a wall mounted version with suction hose – weighing up to 12.0kg (26.5lbs)

Additional information

Pressure ratio


Maximum fluid particle size**

0.25mm (10mils)

Fluid temperature range

4.4 – 60°C (40 – 140°F)

Fluid inlet size

1/2” BSP Male

Fluid outlet size

3/8” BSP Male

Compatible Products that can be pumped

Solvent and waterbased products


Stainless Steel, Polypropylene


Stainless Steel, PTFE


Polyethylene, PTFE

Pump Body / Cylinder Housing

Polyethylene / Aluminium

Air Pressure Operating Range

1-6bar (14-87psi), 1-7bar (14-101psi)

Air Consumption at 3 bar (43.5 psi) & 7.5 CPM

1.8lpm (0.06cfm)

Air Consumption at 3 bar (43.5 psi) & 16 CPM

7.92lpm (0.28cfm), 7.92lpm (0.28cfm)

Maximum Air Inlet Pressure

6bar (87psi), 7bar (101psi)

Air Inlet

1/4” BSP Female

Air Exhaust / Silencer Port

1/2” BSP Female

Compressor Requirements (Minimum)

Contact Elcometer

Ambient Air Temperature Operating Range

4.4 – 60°C (40 – 140°F)

Maximum Fluid Outlet Working Pressure

6bar (87psi), 7bar (101psi)

Product Output per Cycle

80 cc (2.61 fl oz), 165 cc (4.61 fl oz)

Maximum Free Flow

Kara 1-30 – 30 lpm (7.9 gpm), Kara 1-40 – 40 lpm (10.6 gpm)

Free Flow Delivery @ 60 CPM*

4.8 lpm (1.26 gpm), 10 lpm (2.64 gpm)

Weight (Pump only)

3.3 kg (7.3lb), 4.6kg (10.1lb)

Weight (Wall Mount with Suction Hose)

10.5kg (23.1lb), 11.8kg (26lb)

Weight (Cart Mount with Suction Hose)

21.7kg (47.8lb), 23kg (50.7lb)

Weight (Wall Mount with Hopper)

10.6kg (23.4lb), 11.9kg (26.2lb)

Weight (Cart Mount with Hopper)

21.8kg (48.1lb), 23.1kg (50.9lb)

Dimensions (Cart Mount)

439 x 498 x 1000mm (17.3 x 19.62 x 39.36"), 439 x 501 x 1015mm (19.3 x 19.72 x 39.95")

Dimensions (Wall Mount)

328 x 331 x 563mm (12.92 x 13.03 x 22.15"), 333 x 441 x 630mm (13.13 x 17.36 x 24.79")


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