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With over 55 years of design and engineering excellence, each Sagola gun is designed to perform better, give value for money and be incredibly easy to maintain.

Sagola was founded in 1955 by Alejandro Sánchez Larrauri. The company began as a small subcontracting shop for various industrial products and after a few years in the sector, Larrauri wanted to branch out. He decided to manufacture his own products and started to withdraw from subcontracting projects.

His chosen product to manufacture was the spray gun. Sagola then started producing the ALM 401 spray gun which was crowned by the manufacturing industry. This kicked off large distribution of the gun for use in the coating sector.

With large success, the Sagola team felt the need to open the company to an international market. The company began operations in Latin America and later expanded to Arab countries, Asia, Europe and finally the USA.

In 2020 the electronics inspection equipment company, Elcometer, acquired Sagola. Sagola’s industry leading range of high quality spray guns, pumps and filtration systems for the automotive & industrial markets perfectly complimented Elcometer’s range of blast, coating inspection and ultrasonic NDT equipment. 

Sagola is now available world wide. To find your nearest distributor visit our Find a Distributor page on our Elcometer website – Find Your Distributor (elcometer.com)

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