Suction Spray Guns

The new Sagola suction guns incorporate the latest technology to make them the perfect tool for high demand quality finishes. The robust and ergonomic design makes them ideal for continuous use.

Versatile - one gun does it all

You can use any aircap with any nozzle. So if you need to increase your nozzle size, simply change your nozzle and keep your aircap. Alternatively, you can also change your aircap and keep your nozzle, the choice is yours.

Engineering excellence

Forged aluminium bodies, absence of non-metal parts in product area, stainless steel nozzles, needles and triggers… a compilation of the best materials to reach the highest quality standards.


1litre aluminium cup

Sagola’s suction guns include a 1litre capacity aluminium cup to be able to cover the large surfaces painting needs of industrial body shops.

High transfer aluminium aircaps

The aluminium aircaps reduce the weight in the front of the gun, moving the centre of gravity into the palm of your hand to achieve a better balanced and ergonomic spray gun. Its unique design and quality construction ensure the highest rates of transfer efficiency.


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