Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

Sagola USA respects your privacy and we acknowledge that you have certain rights related to any personal information we collect from you, and will not collect or maintain your data without your consent. Sagola USA supports the various international and local privacy laws and has procedures in place to meet the requirements of those laws.

The following information discloses our privacy principles in addition to our practices for gathering, storing, and using your personal information. We encourage you to review this information so that you may understand and consent to how we may collect, use, and share your personal information.

Use of Personal Information

Because the Sagola USA website is constantly being updated, with new products and information, we want to help you keep informed about the latest developments as soon as they are available. So you do not have to constantly monitor our website in order to keep up, we encourage you to register for the Sagola USA e-newsletter for quicker and better access to your favorite products and services.

You Don’t Need to Register to Access the Sagola USA Website

When you register or contact Sagola USA via the contact form, any details you provide will be stored for use on our secure mainframe. Personal data we collect from you will be limited to that which you give us in order to contact Sagola or our distributors.

Email Addresses

Sagola USA respects the privacy of personal e-mail accounts and we store your e-mail addresses as secure as other personal information on the Elcometer Mainframe. We will not send you unwanted e-mail messages or junk mail, and your details will not be passed to any organization outside Elcometer or the distributor in, or closest to your company address, without your explicit permission.

However, we will use e-mail to send you technical information, new product bulletins and any information that we feel will be beneficial to you, as well as anything you show an interest in, either online or through other contacts with Sagola USA If you do not want to be kept informed by e-mail, please let us know. You can do this by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email or by sending an e-mail to, writing the word unsubscribe in the description field.

Disclosure of Information

Sagola USA may share your personal information with any member of the Elcometer Group of companies and distributors. Sagola USA will fully cooperate with the Federal Trade Commission and/or local data protection authorities when requested to do so.

Third Party Sites

Third party Internet sites connected to through are not covered by our Privacy and Security policy, so please be careful when you enter any personal information online. Sagola USA accepts no responsibility or liability for these sites. Please remember that if you change your e-mail provider, you will also need to inform Sagola USA of the change in your e-mail address in order to continue receiving e-mail correspondence.

How to Contact Us

Sagola USA provides a way to respond to your privacy questions or handle your queries or complaints.

At Sagola USA, we work hard to protect your privacy while delivering solutions to all your Sagola needs. Our privacy principles represent our commitment to ensuring that your personal information is safe and secure. If you believe that Sagola USA has not adhered to these principles and practices, contact us at and we will work diligently to determine and remedy the problem