Low Maintenance

6. No seals and gaskets in the product area. Made without air diffusers, blind chambers or threads that are in contact with the paint/product/material. Metal in metal contact making this gun extremely easy to maintain and clean.

7. One piece automatic paint packing gland that minimizes the potential for damage and breakage. Mush easier to remove from the gun when cleaning.

Making Your Job Easier

8. Ergonomic aluminum body that is anodized forged. Light and perfectly balanced.

9. Stainless steel trigger increasing operator comfort and reducing fatigue. Smooth trigger flow.

10. Organize your guns with color coded identifiers. Easily manage multiple spray guns.

11. Balanced ergonomic handle.

Kit Contents

  1. Air Cap & Needle/Nozzle Kit
  2. 650ml (22fl oz) Reusable plastic gravity cup with product mini-filter
  3. Wrench for removing and fitting the nozzle and all servicing needs
  4. Color code identifiers perfect for identifying guns when there are multiple painters (x3)
  5. Cleaning brush
  6. Key Assembly for changing the air valve