Key Features

1) All the benefits of the Sagola X4100 in an automatic spray gun.

2) Metal to metal technology. No gaskets, O-rings or plastic parts in the fluid area.

3) Highly durable self-adjusting packing gland.

4) Anodized aluminium aircaps (corrosion free). Great resistance and durability. Suitable for aggressive environments.

5) High precision progressive fan regulator.

6) Quick connector product/fluid inlet.

7) Quick connector air spray inlet.

8) All connections on the same side of the gun or quick change mount for easier setup of the painting line.

9) Product regulator. Precision adjustment with vernier set to “0”.

10) Highly durable operating piston designed and tested for demanding continuous paint lines

11) Robust forged anodized aluminium body, treated with an anti-corrosion coating both inside and out, for high protection against corrosion.