Mini Xtreme Diagram 1

Guaranteed Consistent Quality Finish

1. Optimum paint flow with a fast and smooth applications. Interchangeable steel nozzles.

2. Precisely measure flow measurement with the product regulator and its indicator ring.

3. No metallic or plastic external parts used in the air distribution. This makes the cleaning process easier.

4. Save paint with the high precision “soft flow” air valve that allows accurate setup of air pressure.

5. Interchangeable aluminum air caps with unique colors.

Mini Xtreme Diagram 2

Simple Maintenance

6. Manufactured without gaskets or seals in the product area. No air diffusers, blind chambers or threads in contact with the paint/product/material. Just metal in contact with metal. Extremely easy to clean and maintain.

7. The only spray gun in the refinishing market with one single piece automatic paint packing gland minimizing potential damage and breakage and easier to remove when cleaning the gun.

Mini Xtreme Diagram 3

Built to be Easy

8. Ergonomic anodized forged aluminum body that is perfectly balanced.

9. Stainless steel trigger designed to reduce operator discomfort and fatigue. Smooth trigger action.

10. Color coded identifiers that allow for easy organization of spray guns.

11. Balanced and ergonomic handle.

12. Fan width regulator.

Sagola Spray Gun Kit Contents

Sagola Mini Xtreme kit Contents

Each Mini Xtreme kit is supplied with:

  • Aircap, Needle & Nozzle Kit
  • 125ml or 500ml reusable plastic gravity cup with filter
  • Wrench for removing & fitting the nozzle plus other service needs
  • Color coded rings for organizing multiple guns
  • Key assembly for changing the air valve