Quality Finish

1. Stainless steel nozzle that provides optimal paint flow allowing for fast and smooth applications.

2. Interchangeable aluminum air caps. Identified with different colors and shapes.

3. There are no metallic or plastic external parts used for air distribution, making the cleaning process easier.

4. Regulator is designed for less travel and greater precision. Suitable for left and right handed operation.

Low Maintenence

5. One single piece automatic paint packing gland – minimizing potential damage and breakage and making it easier to remove when cleaning the gun.

6. Manufactured without gaskets or seals in product area. No air diffusers, blind chambers or threads in contact with the paint/product/material. Just metal in contact with metal. Extremely easy to clean and maintain.

Ease of Use

7. Color coded identifiers perfect for differentiating spray guns when there are multiple painters

8. Forged aluminum body; ergonomic, light and perfectly balanced. Soft and silky touch finish.

9. Ergonomically designed, round and comfortable handle for balanced and smooth strokes for a consistent, better quality finish.

10. Ergonomically designed trigger reducing operator discomfort and fatigue.

11. Fan width regulator.

Sagola Spray Gun Kit Contents

Sagola 3300 Kit Contents

Each Sagola 3300 kit is supplied with the following:

1. Air cap, needle & nozzle kit (supplied fitted)

2. Reusable plastic gravity cup with product mini-filter

3. Wrench for removing and fitting the nozzle and all servicing needs

4. Color Code Identifiers for identifying guns when there are multiple painters

5. Cleaning Brush

6. Key Assembly for changing the air valve